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Money Can’t Buy Happiness… Or Can’t it?

I read an interesting story in Wired today. The name of the article was “Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness” by Jonah Lehrer.

The general theme of this piece is explaining why America – the richest nation of this century – is growing more and more unhappy…the richer we get.

This is exactly opposite of what most people believe. There is a general idea among the masses that they will be happy “when…”.

A very frequent version of that sentence is, “When I have money…”

Yet, this article reports scientists have proven when an average individual actually starts manifesting more moneyand amassing greater wealth, they start indulging in the “finer things” in life. This, in turn, causes them to lose their ability to appreciate life’s small (daily) treasures.

Where do you fall in this discussion? Do you believe money can create happiness? Or do you believe money is actually the root of all evil, causing one to become bored with – and miss – the “little things” that used to make you happy?

Despite what these scientists have “proven“, I have to say that neither of these answers is absolutely correct. Money in and of itself will not make you happy. Being able to buy everything you want, stay at the finest places, live in the grandest house… Yes, all those things will cause momentary “highs” but after a while, they just become “things“.

On the other hand, money is not evil either. It cannot – all by itself – turn a person “bad“. This literally depends on your relationship with money and whatyou do with it once you have it. If you use money to enrich your life – and enrich the lives of others – it can bring you great joy. If you respect money, and only spend your money on things that bring you joy because they touch your heart and spirit, money can enrich your life. It’s all about perspective.

One thing is certain, however, no matter what… You will never have money if you don’t have a healthy respect for both its power for good and it’s power for destruction. Once you balance that relationship, you will find money flows to you freely and easily.

Therefore, if “more money” is something you want in your life, don’t be alarmed by this study. Simply take a few moments and figure out why you want more money and what you will do with it once you have it. Then, once you know you won’t take it for granted – or abuse it – when it comes to you, you will find you have access tomore money – more riches – than you ever imagined.

Do You Suffer From Status Anxiety?

A study recently came out that says Darwin may have been wrong about “survival of the fittest”.  This information came from researchers at the University of Bristol in England that was published in Biology Letters.  They say finding the right “living space” may be more important than natural selection.  Of course, there are many other scientists charging that the data this study is based on is being misinterpreted. Or that perhaps, even that the data itself is wrong. What it does support for me, is how it is really important for people to ensure they find the right “pond” to live in…  This refers to both your physical “pond” and those with whom you spend your time.

Today, people feel a lot of unnecessary and unneeded stress caused by comparing themselves to others. This stress puts a toll on both their mental and physical health.  In fact, even theCDC says that “emotional health” can be up to 85% responsible for physical health.

First, you must understand that your physical surroundings determine who you “hang” with and who you “hang” with is a large determinant of your self-worth. You are a reflection of your five closest friends. This is because we as social creatures tend to base our opinions of ourselves on comparisons between ourselves and those in our immediate circles. This can work both for you and against you.  Surrounding yourself with others who have achieved things – and a level of success – you desire to achieve, gives you examples after which to model your behavior. On the other hand, if you are constantly comparing yourselves to these people, that can cause you immense stress. Thus, this is a highly individualized matter that you must consider on a personal level and how these comparisons affect you in particular.

Some people need to be “reaching up” to be motivated. While others need to excel within their personal group to feel confident enough to eventually reach up. It is a fine balance. That is why we will be examining this subject over the next couple of weeks from both angles but we’ll hit on a quick summary now…

If you are one who gets stressed by comparing yourself to your more successful friends, neighbors, or co-workers, one of the quickest ways to change any negative feelings, jealousy, or status envy you might have is to ensure you also have people who are at your current socio-economic and enviro-economic status in your circle as well.

This idea was put forth in “How to Get Over Status Anxiety” at This is not to imply that you necessarily change your circle of friends. It’s just that you need to be more conscientious of who you compare yourself to on a regular basis.

For example, you can seek out those you can better and more appropriate identify with through social and civic groups. And sometimes, one can better flourish by seeking out “smaller settings” in which to work and play as well. Sometimes successes are easier to come by and recognize in such a setting.   You must also learn to recognize your own successes – in their own right – and use them to balance what you feel are you failures or shortcomings that only exist in comparison to others. Especially comparisons to others who might have more advantages – or resources – than you do at your disposal.

Perhaps most importantly, learn to use this “envy” for good. Use it to propel you to greater heights. Instead of thinking, “Poor me. I don’t have…” or “I’ll never be able to do what so-and-so did because I didn’t grow up rich” or “I’m not as educated so I am not as smart as…”, and letting those things get you down on yourself, begin to consider how your particular circumstances served you. Only you havethe power to decide that.  Has a lack of certain things in your life forced you to be resourceful? Has your lack of money in your life put you in a position to empathize with those facing certain problems that only you – with your underprivileged or even middle-class background – can really understand? Maybe your lack of formal education has driven you to really study the world – or independently – so that you actually have more practical knowledge than your more “classroom educated” counterparts?

On the other hand, if you are someone who needs to be consistently challenged to strive for “more”, then add people to your circle of influence who are currently where you desire to be and mirror them.  This will take years off your journey to success and allow you to arrive at your destination in a much shorter time. There are always two sides to every coin and while some need to remain secure in their current situation – and there is nothing wrong with that if that is what gives you greater emotional security and satisfaction – I, on the other hand,  am always searching for growth.

I believe that wherever you are at some point in time, you have made an “appointment” to be there.Being “wealthy” isn’t just a question of how much money you have, but rather having what you want. It has been said by many that success without fulfillment is failure. Wealth isn’t absolute, it’s relative to desire… SELF ESTEEM= success divided by expectation.  Meaning, people base their self-worth on their definition of success.  To be successful, one must be prepared for opportunity and then answer the door when it knocks – or lower your expectation – either way decide what works for you.

For today, the key here is remembering that everything in life serves you equally. Aside from the other practical steps mentioned above, your attitude – and view – on these things, can change your life as much as (or more!) than anything. For the next few weeks, we will cover this more intricately. In the meantime, remember that success – for you – is merely a matter of how you define it. What is your definition of “success”?

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