Reality and Intentions

Reality and Intentions

By Lisa Christiansen

Your reality is created by your intentions

An intention is a quality of consciousness that you bring to an action.


At each moment you choose the intentions that will shape your experiences and those things upon which you will focus your attention. If you choose unconsciously, you will evolve unconsciously. if you choose consciously, you will evolve consciously.


Every action, thought, and feeling is motivated by an intention and that intention is a cause that exists as one with an effect. If we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect or as I like to say if I take the blame I will also take the credit. In this most profound way we are held responsible for our every action, thought, and feeling, which is to say, for our every intention. I would like to re-define the meaning of the word responsible; responsibility is the “ability to respond.” Taking responsibility in all situations puts you in control. Many people, when confronted with challenges, sometimes to fall into a victim mindset. It is as though they are trapped and can’t do anything to change their environment. Taking responsibility gives you power over yourself and your circumstances.


From the perception of the five sensory human, intentions have no effects, the effects of actions are physical, and not all actions affect others or us. What does affect us are our six human needs and the way we anchor our triggers.


From the perception of the multi sensory human the intention behind an action determines its effects, every intention affects both us and others and the effects of intentions extend far beyond the physical world.


Feel your intentions in your heart, feel not what your mind tells you, but what your heart tells you.


Intuition is perception beyond the physical senses that is meant to assist you. It is that sensory system which operates without data from the five senses and is driven by our six human needs of certainty, uncertainty, significance, love/connection, growth, and contribution.


What is behind our eyes holds more power that what is in front of them, the brain and it’s connection to the heart. When in a state of gratitude it is in rhythmic synchronization or better said it is the only time it is in a state of complete harmony.


The decisions that you make and the actions that you take upon the Earth are the means by which you evolve.


An angry personality will respond to the difficulties of life with anger, and thereby bring into being the necessity of experiencing the results of anger.


A person who is angry, and yet reveres life, however, will respond very differently to the difficulties of his or her life than a person who is angry and has no reverence for life.


Each personality draws to itself personalities with consciousness of like frequency, or like weakness, therefore, the world of an angry person is filled with angry people, the world of a greedy person is filled with greedy people, and a loving person lives in a world of loving people. Look at your surroundings because you are your five closest peers.


Until you become aware of the effects of your anger, you will continue to be an angry person.


Knowledge is NOT power, clarity is power and for each level of knowledge you must make the time to become clear in your outcome because you are held responsible for how you use it. Remember, responsible means the ability to respond.


How will you choose to live and whom will you surround yourself with? Reach up to mentors and you will be surprised who will be excited to empower you on your journey to enrich the lives of others which in turn drives you to your outcome as it was best said by Zig Ziglar “when you help others get to where they want to be you will get to where you want to be”.

About lisachristiansencompanies

A U T H O R • I N N O V A T O R • E X P E R T Dr. Lisa Christiansen is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, life coaches, and business consultants worldwide, building an impeccable record of client satisfaction in the process. A best selling author as well, Dr. Lisa Christiansen has written such inspirational titles as My Name Is Lisa; The Two Millimeter Shift; White Sheep, Blue Skies, Green Grass; 101 Great Ways To Enhance Your Career; and others, in which she sheds light on some of the biggest questions of self-empowerment and fulfillment. Among her most recent publications, Dr. Lisa Christiansen contributed to the book 100 Ways to Enhance Your Career, which features wisdom from other well-known figures in the self-help world, including Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Richard Carlson. In 100 Ways to Enhance Your Career, Dr. Lisa Christiansen shares a step-by-step process for increasing job satisfaction, gaining more from one’s career, building wealth, and taking control of one’s destiny. Aside from her numerous books, Dr. Lisa Christiansen hosts a wide variety of seminars and retreats, where she teaches her students the secret to unlocking their inner potential and living their dreams. Some of the popular events held by Dr. Lisa Christiansen include Mastering Your Wealth, Claim Your Future, and Design Your Destiny, all of which feature her intensive coaching and unique strategies of personal transformation. Her website has a wealth of additional information on her conferences, retreats, books, and other endeavors. Join the millions of people who have already revolutionized the quality of their lives. “You already know how to survive global changes in the economy, environment and political arena, now it's time to thrive and prosper at a level beyond what you ever thought was possible,” Christiansen said. “My seminar is about seizing the power within today. Press Summary: Creator of extraordinary lives, Lisa Christiansen has served as an advisor to leaders around the world for the last two decades. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, organizational turnaround and peak performance, Lisa has consulted Olympic athletes, world renowned musicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, psychologists, and world-class entertainers. Lisa’s strategies for achieving lasting results and fulfillment are regarded as the platinum standard in the coaching industry. Lisa captured the attention of heads of state and the U.S. Army. Christiansen has impacted the lives of millions of people from 30 countries. Lisa has been honored by Cambridge Society of Who’s Who as one of the Top Business Intellectuals in the World. Lisa has helped millions of people create extraordinary lives globally. Her expertise and guidance has enriched the lives of icons such as pop superstar Kelly Clarkson, Olympian Dara Torres, and superstar Patrick Dempsey.

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