Your Success Blueprint

Your Success Blueprint

Lisa Christiansen

11 Strategies To Reprogram Your Blueprint



Confidence, Self-esteem and Self-image


The key to confidence is acquiescing a heightened level of positive self-esteem by believing that you are intelligent enough, good enough, and deserving to succeed your desired results.

Ask yourself “who do I need to become to achieve the life I am committed to living?”

When you mirror the self-image of a person who easily does what you desire to do this action will almost guarantee that you will achieve your outcome.



Driven By Your Purpose – Your Why


It is not enough to be motivated to reach your outcome; you must be driven by your why. Your shoulds become musts and you must decide to live on purpose, show up for your dreams with a compelling reason. It is impossible to be this driven unless you are being pushed by something more than just surviving, you must have a passion so intense that it consumes you from the core of who you are. You must be motivated from within and maintain momentum through ups and downs, it’s critical to constantly focus on your purpose, why you want the outcome must be the fundamental focus with every decision. A weak purpose means failure 99.999% of the time.



What You Focus On Is What You Get


Your brain does not know the difference between fact or fiction and equally your brain will not make you a liar. Visualize your outcome in the present with clarity because Clarity is power. When you visualize what you want with intense emotion your psychology will control your physiology and in turn control your environment.

Just as a dream can seem so real, you have the ability to bring it to fruition by visualizing your desire with belief, when you live your dream in the present in your subconscious your mind will continually move you in the direction to make it happen. Everything that was ever accomplished by anyone was first seen in the mind’s eye. It is no different for you because you have the ability to live life on your terms. When you see it as real, accomplished, as done, as a storming success in your mind, then you will bring it to fruition.





The will to succeed can overcome every limitation no matter what your challenge is. The only limitations are the ones we set for ourselves, get out of your own way.





Once you make a decision you will succeed because to decide is to cut off, to sever, bringing success is the only option.

“Yes, I Can,” will become your new mantra.

And as your self-confidence grows, your stress levels will plummet and your willingness to take action will soar.



Follow Up With A Plan


You must know exactly what you need to do to reach a outcome or make a change in yourself is vital. Inconsistent actions lead to failure. It is essential to follow through on whatever actions are required of you each and every day. Review your why every day in every decision and ask your self “is what I am about to do getting me closer to my outcome?” Before you reach your outcomes have new ones in place to continue the momentum of your growth, keep a vision board or journal and cross of each accomplishment as you move forward in your victories. Your thoughts are what create your life. If you simply do what little is required of you each day, you’ll get to your desired outcome. Just like the other people who always get what they want in life.



Enjoy The Journey


Anything worth having is a challenge, if it were easy everyone would do it, you are extraordinary because you are willing to set new standards and defy the odds. Is the activity of accomplishing a challenging outcome always fun? No. If it were fun, everyone would be taking action? Wouldn’t you look forward to the next challenge? Wouldn’t you experience your mistakes, setbacks, delays, and criticism differently than you do now? Yes, you would. Instill in your mind an alert awareness of the fun and satisfaction you can have all along the path toward reaching your desired outcome. For example, in areas where you don’t now enjoy the tasks, like exercising, with the statements steering your consciousness toward a love for all things physical, you’ll easily see the activities as enjoyable, or at least gain a greater appreciation for the tasks just like the millions who see it that way already. Discover new ways to make it more pleasant. You’ll look at the situation in whatever way you need to see it so that you feel good instead of depressed over your fate of having to do this set of tasks or activities related to your outcome. Your stress levels will go down considerably and you should be able to reach your outcome easier than you could ever have imagined just a short time ago.



Be Teachable And Trainable


Duplication is the key. The most important outcomes in our lives often don’t fall within our natural abilities and current level of knowledge. We usually need to do some research, explore options and learn new ideas, techniques, facts, skills, or principles. The problem is, most people don’t want to be bothered to learn anything new. It’s viewed as too much work, as boring or unpleasant, or cuts into relaxation and recreation time. You need to be ready and willing to learn what you must to reach your outcome and love doing it.



See Things Better Than They Are


Whatever your outcome is, the truest test of how you are progressing toward it lies not in how you function when you are moving along smoothly, but in how you act and react when problems are presented to you. Bad decisions, mistakes and setbacks are simply part of the process to get where you want to go, and absolutely no reason to quit, to get upset, or even slow your progress. So whether you’re trying to gain a habit, lose a habit, reach success in business or relationships, or overcome depression or anxiety, flood your mind with self-instructions telling yourself that you are optimistic and level-headed through your setbacks and moments of challenge. 
With conditioning, your desire and determination will grow and stay high even after bigger, more serious setbacks. You’ll become one of those people that always knows or figures out what to do and makes sure it gets done without delay.





One of the biggest frustrations most people experience is to experience success in reaching a big outcome or status level only to see it all go away. To watch yourself stop doing what you did to reach your success in the first place. The strong tendency is to forget what it took to succeed. This is why people who have been good at something for years can make mistakes and correct them fairly rapidly. People who are just gaining a skill, attitude, or habit can very easily mess up once and quit, or they can fall back into old routines without even knowing it. When changes are desired, conditioning is critical. One of the things you MUST do to make your changes stick is to pay attention and appreciate what it took to get there, to enjoy the end result, to enjoy the rewards, to acknowledge your success and efforts so that when temptations arise you can understand how you came to succeed. This way, you’ll keep your new ways and continue to succeed when 19 out of 20 are failing, predictably going back to old ways of thinking and acting within days, weeks, or months.





Most people who reach some long-term outcome or who quit some bad habit self sabotage after they worked hard to reach their outcome. They don’t see in their own mind that they have accomplished anything. When you accomplish anything, whether it is large or small, give yourself a boost by rewarding yourself for it. Accept other’s praise for what you have accomplished. It’s time to give yourself and accept from others the credit you deserve.


To Your Continued Success,


Lisa Christiansen

About lisachristiansencompanies

A U T H O R • I N N O V A T O R • E X P E R T Dr. Lisa Christiansen is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, life coaches, and business consultants worldwide, building an impeccable record of client satisfaction in the process. A best selling author as well, Dr. Lisa Christiansen has written such inspirational titles as My Name Is Lisa; The Two Millimeter Shift; White Sheep, Blue Skies, Green Grass; 101 Great Ways To Enhance Your Career; and others, in which she sheds light on some of the biggest questions of self-empowerment and fulfillment. Among her most recent publications, Dr. Lisa Christiansen contributed to the book 100 Ways to Enhance Your Career, which features wisdom from other well-known figures in the self-help world, including Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Richard Carlson. In 100 Ways to Enhance Your Career, Dr. Lisa Christiansen shares a step-by-step process for increasing job satisfaction, gaining more from one’s career, building wealth, and taking control of one’s destiny. Aside from her numerous books, Dr. Lisa Christiansen hosts a wide variety of seminars and retreats, where she teaches her students the secret to unlocking their inner potential and living their dreams. Some of the popular events held by Dr. Lisa Christiansen include Mastering Your Wealth, Claim Your Future, and Design Your Destiny, all of which feature her intensive coaching and unique strategies of personal transformation. Her website has a wealth of additional information on her conferences, retreats, books, and other endeavors. Join the millions of people who have already revolutionized the quality of their lives. “You already know how to survive global changes in the economy, environment and political arena, now it's time to thrive and prosper at a level beyond what you ever thought was possible,” Christiansen said. “My seminar is about seizing the power within today. Press Summary: Creator of extraordinary lives, Lisa Christiansen has served as an advisor to leaders around the world for the last two decades. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, organizational turnaround and peak performance, Lisa has consulted Olympic athletes, world renowned musicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, psychologists, and world-class entertainers. Lisa’s strategies for achieving lasting results and fulfillment are regarded as the platinum standard in the coaching industry. Lisa captured the attention of heads of state and the U.S. Army. Christiansen has impacted the lives of millions of people from 30 countries. Lisa has been honored by Cambridge Society of Who’s Who as one of the Top Business Intellectuals in the World. Lisa has helped millions of people create extraordinary lives globally. Her expertise and guidance has enriched the lives of icons such as pop superstar Kelly Clarkson, Olympian Dara Torres, and superstar Patrick Dempsey.

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