Lose Weight To Gain Intelligence

What Does a Thought Weigh?

I have often struggled with ideas that can communicate the power of a single thought. Our brains have been labeled as the 3 lb. universe and in many ways this is totally appropriate.

If our brains only weigh three lbs. and we have literally millions and billions of thoughts stored somewhere, what does a thought weigh? That seems like kind of a non-sense inquiry-but wait a minute.

It has been estimated that we think some 60,000 thoughts every single day. In addition to our thoughts, we handle tens of thousands of bits of information as a result only of external stimuli.

Others have approximated the amount of negative information each of us process to be representative of at least 90% of the stimuli we process. Indeed, I would add that for many, the vast majority of their inner thoughts are also negative.

Now if you think of our 3 lb. universe that way, then how much does all of the negativity weigh? Perhaps the true weight loss program we should all endeavor to maintain is the one that’s aimed at losing those negative thought patterns.

All of the no-don’t, you can’t, you’ll never succeed at that, etc. and so forth. In other words, every self-limiting, self-imposed notion that proscribes what we will try and how well we will do at it. This is the kind of weight loss that applies to most of us.

The role the subconscious plays in limiting one’s success, in motivating their buying patterns, in establishing their beliefs thus their core blueprint, in fact–in literally every aspect of one’s life cannot be understated.

Indeed, the evidence is in: the subconscious instructs the conscious what to do, what to say, when to act and more and it does so as much as 60 seconds before the conscious mind responds.

The mind is very much like a large container that you can fill with anything you want, but then that input becomes it program. Years ago I likened this to the old computer programmers GIGO meaning Garbage In Garbage Out.

Most of us desire to change something. We want to improve our lives in some way. Change-that seems to be the theme of the day everywhere. During this last election cycle I found myself doing several radio and television interviews regarding subliminal communication and the art of persuasion.

There were subliminal ads aimed at both political parties and there were a number of other psychological techniques employed to gain your vote, but then there’s nothing new about that. What did impress me was the number of people on both sides who were just totally fired up about the election.

There was a new level of energy, a higher sense of enthusiasm and as a result, some deeper divides. Passion-that is the word I would use to describe this last presidential election; passion on both sides of the aisle.

Pundits for both sides had plenty to say but ultimately everything came down to one word– “change.” The dynamics of the election were such that change was virtually assured in some way regardless of who emerged victorious.

Change is what the world wanted as well, and change is what the world celebrated when Americans chose President Obama. Our time now is a time of change and change is what we want and change is what most people resist when it gets right down to it. Change is actually attenuated by fear the fear of the unknown.

My staff has asked me over the years about our products and our philosophy. Whenever I am asked this question I think of Bill Gates and his book, “Business at the Speed of Light.”

Gates explains in this book how the railroad companies used to think of themselves as in the business of trains. Had they recognized that their business was transportation, there would have been a different future in front of them then that of trains alone.

Whether it’s about business or a matter of a more personal nature, change begins in the mind. Real change is not possible until there is agreement between the subconscious and the conscious mind, stand guard at the doorways of your mind and negotiate with the power of the positive realizing within that life will pay what you ask of it. Claiming your right to succeed consciously may well be later undermined by inner conflicts, unconscious/subconscious beliefs, motives and mechanisms.

Think for a moment, what would you like to change? If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? What would you change that is changeable? Would you like more energy and enjoy feeling and looking much younger? Would you like a greater sense of inner peace?

Would you benefit from a better memory or an enhanced learning ability? Would you like to improve or attract a relationship in your life?

Would you like to find the perfect employment? Would you like to change your body image or end some addiction? Or how about becoming fitter and/or more athletic? Again, what would you change?

My research over the past 30 years has repeatedly verified a simple hypothesis. In order to truly change-you must change your mind.

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A U T H O R • I N N O V A T O R • E X P E R T Dr. Lisa Christiansen is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, life coaches, and business consultants worldwide, building an impeccable record of client satisfaction in the process. A best selling author as well, Dr. Lisa Christiansen has written such inspirational titles as My Name Is Lisa; The Two Millimeter Shift; White Sheep, Blue Skies, Green Grass; 101 Great Ways To Enhance Your Career; and others, in which she sheds light on some of the biggest questions of self-empowerment and fulfillment. Among her most recent publications, Dr. Lisa Christiansen contributed to the book 100 Ways to Enhance Your Career, which features wisdom from other well-known figures in the self-help world, including Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Richard Carlson. In 100 Ways to Enhance Your Career, Dr. Lisa Christiansen shares a step-by-step process for increasing job satisfaction, gaining more from one’s career, building wealth, and taking control of one’s destiny. Aside from her numerous books, Dr. Lisa Christiansen hosts a wide variety of seminars and retreats, where she teaches her students the secret to unlocking their inner potential and living their dreams. Some of the popular events held by Dr. Lisa Christiansen include Mastering Your Wealth, Claim Your Future, and Design Your Destiny, all of which feature her intensive coaching and unique strategies of personal transformation. Her website has a wealth of additional information on her conferences, retreats, books, and other endeavors. Join the millions of people who have already revolutionized the quality of their lives. “You already know how to survive global changes in the economy, environment and political arena, now it's time to thrive and prosper at a level beyond what you ever thought was possible,” Christiansen said. “My seminar is about seizing the power within today. Press Summary: Creator of extraordinary lives, Lisa Christiansen has served as an advisor to leaders around the world for the last two decades. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, organizational turnaround and peak performance, Lisa has consulted Olympic athletes, world renowned musicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, psychologists, and world-class entertainers. Lisa’s strategies for achieving lasting results and fulfillment are regarded as the platinum standard in the coaching industry. Lisa captured the attention of heads of state and the U.S. Army. Christiansen has impacted the lives of millions of people from 30 countries. Lisa has been honored by Cambridge Society of Who’s Who as one of the Top Business Intellectuals in the World. Lisa has helped millions of people create extraordinary lives globally. Her expertise and guidance has enriched the lives of icons such as pop superstar Kelly Clarkson, Olympian Dara Torres, and superstar Patrick Dempsey.

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