Daily Archives: December 4, 2013

Woman Of Worth

Woman the very matrix that God sent salvation to the world through, God puts the definition of woman of church to be his bride so God highly esteems woman, alter your perception of woman to Gods and build yourself as woman upon this foundation and dwell in his glory as it is an honor to be called woman. Do not let anyone change the definition of “woman” by their ill treatment or their words for you are a true blessing and the chosen one to bring forth life into this world and for some it is to nurture life that would not exist without you.

A woman strengthens her man through nurturing affection with appreciation.

~Lisa Christiansen


Living In Constant Prayer

Thank you father as I begin this day in humble gratitude for the blessings you place before me, for the gifts you freely give and the everlasting love you embrace me in as you shield me with the power of strength, knowledge and wisdom through the Holy Ghost to rebuke and command as I choose to serve others through your word… Thank you most of all for sacrificing your son Jesus Christ to redeem us of our sins. Amen.


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