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Christmas from Cartier to Lisa Christiansen

Thank you Cartier, I love my 18k white gold Panthere watch… AWESOME Christmas present… Even the box is magnificent.
Thank you Nadine for the hard work you do as my publicist, your generous words of love and inspiration and most of all for your friendship. Thank you Chris for always believing in me and loving me through life’s journey…

I have had so many requests of people wanting to see me wearing my new watch, so I just decided to take some pictures and post them for you, thank you so much for celebrating Christmas with me. Thank you Cartier…

~Lisa Christiansen











15,000.00 In Bibles, Books and Personal Needs Given To The Comanche County Domestic Violence Shelter From Lisa Christiansen

Thank you Chris for bringing me the newspaper today, I enjoyed Christmas Eve and the people I met. It was AWESOME to be allowed to be a part of their lives, It ended up being over 15,000.00 in books, bibles and personal needs. I feel like I’m the one who received the gift… Thank you Lawton Constitution and Comanche Nation Domestic Violence Shelter… I love you with my deepest Gratitude.

~Lisa Christiansen

Lisa Christiansen Gives Away 100,000.00

IMG_1303Lisa Christiansen Gives Away 100,000.00

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