Daily Archives: January 17, 2015

One Must Remember Where You Came From To Know Where You Are Going

Flashback Friday… Me, thinking how abundantly blessed I am because I am just a girl, a child of God who realizes that I fall short of Gods grace everyday and I recognize that God gives it to me out of his amazing grace. I am blessed each day that I awake and choose to share it with all of God’s children… Thank you Gary Vann for always being up for “borrowing” horses with me, for saving me from drowning in the pond and not telling on me when I fell in… LOL. Thank you Doris Shell for always loving me as your own and keeping me focused as I watched each of my “blood” relatives pass away and helping raise me with the rest of the kids, always teaching me to keep placing God first, last and always which made me who I am today…

~Lisa Christiansen





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