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Forgiveness To Fitness ~ Day 6 ~ Show me your friends and I will show you your future!

In order to move to the next level of success it’s important to seek out like minded people for their encouragement. And the encouragement that they can bring to you.
Finding others who are pursuing their passions and desires can bring a huge boost to your pursuit of the lifestyle you desire.
How can you do this? It’s really simple.
1. Make a list of the qualities you would like to have.
2. Begin watching and interacting with others.
3. Gravitate toward those who are pursuing the same passions as you.
4. Connect and form friendships.
Before you know it you’ll be on the pathway to success. You’ll have budding relationships that are pushing you and your friends towards goals unimaginable.

All it takes is the first step. Take it and achieve greatness.
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn
While we have to be careful to not exclude others (Jesus went among the sinners) we also have to be around healthy Christians (Jesus and his apostles) in order to mature and grow.
We can never fully help others if we are not helping ourselves. It’s like being on a plane, we are told “in case of an emergency to put the mask on us first, then help our children.”
I believe that we must go where we are needed as did Christ not making ourselves exclusive to the righteous, we must embrace non-believers and believers equally with the word of God as we share the everlasting love of Jesus Christ through the gift of the Holy Ghost as we are commanded by God to keep our eyes upon him. I appreciate your prayers and will return the favor by praying for our Holy Father to soften our hearts and open our soul to submit to God’s will completely. I pray for our spirit to be freed from the chains of bondage so our childlike innocence may once again shine bright and allow each of us to breakthrough to the freedom of loving all of God’s Children equally. I pray for each of you a life filled with a happiness born from the womb of joy, love born from Gods design, and health born from the healing hands of Christ’s blood shed to flow through our veins offering gratitude embraced in the Holy Spirit. I pray this in gratitude for the blessings that I am so abundantly gifted with, I am grateful for the blessings placed before me today and everyday as I continue to find strength in faith through the power of the Holy Ghost, the love of Christ while embraced in Gods infinite grace. I pray for the lost to find their way and for God’s mercy to rest upon those that have passed without accepting Christ for their salvation that they may be spared and given a home in heaven even if it means my soul must take their place… 💞 Amen

Forgiveness to fitness day 5 ~ July 17 2015

There is nothing greater than our lord Jesus Christ and his infinite, everlasting love for us. He died for you and for me so that his blood of redemption may flow through our veins that we may live in gratitude and forgiveness…
Today is day is day 5 of our “Forgiveness To Fitness” retreat and we are going to take a moment to recognize how abundantly blessed each and everyone of us truly are. We are hiking and visiting this cave and sharing stories about how God has blessed our lives so abundantly…

Forgiveness to fitness day 4 ~ July 16, 2015

Good morning from “Forgiveness To Fitness” day 4, I know today will be beautiful in Gods grace!!!…
I am EXCITED to hear how Kirsten challenges you today…

We all have opportunities for improvement and I love the person you are and the person I am becoming because of you, I know I have many opportunities for improvement and every day I search for new ways to be a pleasure in the eyes of God so that he may continue to bless me. Know that in life one person appreciates your extraordinary talents because of your opportunities for improvement not in spite of them and that person is me. What you may see as flaws are the flowers in Gods beautiful garden of life to share with this beautiful world and grow in the lives of those you touch with your acts of kindness that speaks volumes of an inner strength that few find within themselves.

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